Tuesday, April 21, 2009

new fabric.

I love buying new fabric. I am addicted to prints. So when I ordered all of my new spring fabrics I was so excited. I've been sifting through my gown orders just waiting till I got to a new one ordered in on of my new fabrics, and I finally finished one today!

Just wanted to share some photos of what I have been working on...

I am pairing this beautiful damask with a bright teal or hot pink ribbon.

There is more to come! I am so excited! I've been working out new pattern ideas for bags and other modern mommy accessories. I will be posting more pics to my blog as well as to my shop shortly!

Friday, March 27, 2009

a small rant.

So I have been working my way through the plague this week and am still really sick... I cannot take it any more!!!!
I am going completely stir crazy and am now a week behind on my gown orders. It is so frustrating being "in charge" of everything, my burgeoning business and my full time job of stay-at-home wife and mother. Luckily my mother is here watching Lily today, but I still feel like death warmed over. Today I plan to sweat it out. I have to get better, there is no other choice... pass me the vics vapo rub and my wool socks... it is time to banish these germs!!!!

So hopefully I will be back in the sewing room soon, I miss it!
Being sick is for the birds!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my latest creations

So I have been busy toiling away in my workroom making hospital gowns and I managed to squeeze in a couple different projects.
Here is my latest set of blocks. I love these so much I am making my daughter a set. I made them for my sister-in-law's friend who loved the set I gave my nephew so much that she needed her own.
This set of 12 has a lot of bang for the buck... one side is a full picture puzzle, they have all 26 letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1-10, and a few of the blocks have words to make short sentences with! The are an adorable heirloom as well as a great handmade learning toy!

I also managed to make up these lovely burp cloths made to match my Gown-2-Go. Worn with the gown or alone, they make a fashionable addition to any caregiver's wardrobe!

Please stop by my etsy shop, LilyandLOU, For more views or to purchase your own set!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


so after obsessively scouring the internet for craft room inspiration, i realized that there is more out there than i could possibly dream of. i just wanted to share a few that spoke to me. they are sweet, colorful, imaginative, and functional.

House on Hill Road has a great little craft room... it is so bright, so cheerful, not to mention neat and tidy (something i really aspire to be, but fall a bit short...).
SouleMama has a beautiful space! i love her vintage style. she has a beautiful cutting table that i covet... boy do i need to hit the flee markets!
and then there is Meg Duerksen's (keeper of the Whatever blog) craft space... i love that her space looks like it is used daily, i can find the beauty in her mess. she has beautiful taste, mounds of colorful pillows everywhere, and a chalkboard wall. i love it.
anyway, i must return to sewing but i just wanted to share the beauty!

craft room.

so i should really be sewing right now , but i am totally obsessing about decorating and reworking my craft space right now. i am surfing the net rifling through other blogs trying to find inspiration for my most sacred space.
i have a fully stocked stash, but i am unsatisfied with the organization (or disorganization really) of it all. so i am measuring and plotting, trying to make it all make more sense. also... it could use a bit more style, and maybe some paint...

Monday, February 16, 2009


So I realized today that it has been month since my last post...
I think that's why I was putting off creating a blog in the first place. I was never good at keeping a journal... I have about 8 partially filled blank books( most of them have about 3 entries) from various stages of my life. I always start out with good intentions but lack the follow through needed to keep up with it. So after my best friend reminded me I had a blog while our children were playing today, I decided it was time to get out from behind my sewing machine and try this blog thing once more.

I haven't been slacking. As I stated earlier, I've been behind my sewing machine working hard on gown orders. I believe I mentioned before that I have an etsy shop and right now I've been pretty busy making handmade maternity hospital gowns. I hope to add more items to my shop this spring... I am working on new designs for womens and maternity apparel. Anyway I thought I would share a few shots of one of my latest gowns:

It is a bold print and it makes quite a statement. When I was finished sewing it it really made me smile.

[The pictures were taken in my little girls room (another work in progress). There is still some painting to be done, window treatments to finish, lighting to install, and art to hang. I am hoping to finish the painting when the weather gets nice again and I can have the windows open.
One day I will post pictures of her finished room...]

So it was nice to blog again... thanks Tess for reminding me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A sampling of the gifts I made for christmas...

This year I took it upon myself to hand make every single christmas gift for my family and friends. It was quite an undertaking especially since I started in November making them. It was right down to the wire but I got them done. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of everything I made. But I wanted to share a few that I did photograph.

These are the alphabet blocks I made for my nephew

I actually cut the blocks down from 2x2 poplar with a miter box saw, all 12 of them. I sanded and painted them, then I decoupaged various scraps of scrapbook papers I had on hand to them. I then embellished them with rub-ons and stickers. Then after I distressed them a bit, a few coats of satin finish Mod Podge were applied. I got the project idea from marthastewart.com.
They were a compete labor of love but cost me about 4.00 to make a complete set. the have all 26 letters and the numbers 1-10 as well. My sister-in-law loved them!

Another project I remembered to photograph was the marble coasters I made for my dad and my mother-in-law. It was such a simple projest. A box of tumbled marble tiles runs about $4-$5, I got mine at Lowes. There are 9 tiles in a box, enough for 2 sets (plus an extra tile in case you mess one up...).
After rinsing each tile to remove the dust and letting them dry for a few hours, I simply rubber stamped images on the tiles with Stazon ink. Then I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees for 5 minutes rendering the image perminant.

I chose a large wood grain stamp for the set I made for my dad.

I chose a few different stamps and created a different layout for each coaster in my mother-in-laws set.

I finished off each set with self-stick felt circles, to protect the table top.