Monday, February 16, 2009


So I realized today that it has been month since my last post...
I think that's why I was putting off creating a blog in the first place. I was never good at keeping a journal... I have about 8 partially filled blank books( most of them have about 3 entries) from various stages of my life. I always start out with good intentions but lack the follow through needed to keep up with it. So after my best friend reminded me I had a blog while our children were playing today, I decided it was time to get out from behind my sewing machine and try this blog thing once more.

I haven't been slacking. As I stated earlier, I've been behind my sewing machine working hard on gown orders. I believe I mentioned before that I have an etsy shop and right now I've been pretty busy making handmade maternity hospital gowns. I hope to add more items to my shop this spring... I am working on new designs for womens and maternity apparel. Anyway I thought I would share a few shots of one of my latest gowns:

It is a bold print and it makes quite a statement. When I was finished sewing it it really made me smile.

[The pictures were taken in my little girls room (another work in progress). There is still some painting to be done, window treatments to finish, lighting to install, and art to hang. I am hoping to finish the painting when the weather gets nice again and I can have the windows open.
One day I will post pictures of her finished room...]

So it was nice to blog again... thanks Tess for reminding me!

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